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Making Time // Ash & Atropos

Ash wasn’t sure if Friday had come too soon or not soon enough. He really hoped Atropos hadn’t decided to take back her agreement to go out with him tonight, but if she had he was preparing himself. That’s what most girls did anyway. They agreed to do something with him and then they just left him hanging. He wondered, hoping she wasn’t like that.

He knew exactly where he would take her if she showed up. The little Greek restaurant at the end of Washington Street would likely be his best bet, as he figured the Greek goddess would enjoy food from her own home country. That was a safe choice. The only thing about that restaurant was the fact that it was kind of classy in the sense that jeans and a t-shirt wouldn’t cut it unless he was planning on receiving dirty looks from everyone else in there.

Running a hand through his slicked back hair, Ash inspected himself in the mirror. He felt a little funny wearing these grey slacks that usually sat in the back of his drawer with the other clothes he didn’t think he’d never touch in a million years. The black button down that he paired with it had been full of wrinkles but since he didn’t own an iron or ironing board, he’d taken it to express dry cleaning the day before. To top it off, he’d given himself a close shave that had him unable to stop running his hands over his chin. The only thing he refused to do was wear cologne. That shit smelled worse than people thought and he was not stooping that low. 

Glancing over at the digital clock by his bed, Ash felt his heart thud in his throat. She would be there at any second. He gave himself another once over look in the mirror before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He really didn’t want to be standing here in these dumb fancy clothes, making a fool of himself. What if she changed her mind? What if she decided he was too weird for her? Or too plain and regular?

As he was almost about to start pacing, there came two strong knocks at his door and Ash’s eyes shot open. He let out the breath he’d been holding and hurried over to open it. Swinging it open, he stood in the doorway, a little lost for words before a half smile formed at his lips and he was able to speak. “καλησπέρα, Άτροπος.”